1. After 35 years of Gardening for some of the nicest people both here and overseas

  2. I am no longer able to put the physical and mental effort that is required to produce high Quailty bespoke Country Gardens

  •  I am still available for
  • large country garden/ farm consultation         
  •   landscape plan reviews
  • concept plans
  • general recommendations,
  •  plant sourcing
  •  problem solving

A Consultancy fee of $100.00 per hour is charged


Designs for Living

form follows function but it can be beautiful.

A farm within a garden

This  concept is influenced by singapore’s city within a garden

The garden must add to the farm in regards of shelter,wildlife,

fodder etc and create a place everyone enjoys working in

Fixing problems

  the correct processes followed and botanical material must be used to achieved the desired results