Camellia Hedges
are one of the classical hedge plants in the garden
* Handsome evergreen foliage
* Good floral displays with a wide range of flowers and forms
* The ability to be shaped and constricted into shape and size
* They have the ability to break bud from old wood if they get overgrown and need to be reduced
* Their roots don't interfere with drains, paths etc
* They are long lived
* Relatively free of pests and disease

Hedge Basics
*  plant  at 700mm apart to form a dense tight hedge
*  Tip prune constantly when establishing to promote a dense hedge
*  plant only one variety for a formal hedge, mixed varieties for  informal
*  Main prune after flowering light prune in spring if needed
*  Don't prune in Autumn, you will remove the flower buds
*  Wider at the bottom of the hedge, thinner at the top
* for informal screens, mix varieties of similar habit and plant at 2mtrs, very little pruning required except removing ill disciplined


make the best hedges for exposed open sunny spots
make the best hedges for shady  sheltered areas